4 Ideas To Make It Easier To Wear A Mask

Around the world, wearing a mask has become an everyday thing.

The coronavirus pandemic has made it highly advisable to wear one in public spaces. Wearing a mask properly can protect you from contracting or spreading COVID-19 by helping to contain and divert respiratory droplets, which can contain coronavirus, from the mouth and nose. 

Because of the virus’ prevalence and developing discoveries of its properties, the Center for Disease Control has varied its recommendations over the course of the pandemic.

One developing medical discovery about coronavirus that suggests widespread use of masks is best: That both asymptomatic (contracting the virus without symptoms) and pre-symptomatic (contracting the virus, without the immediate onset of symptoms) carriers can transmit coronavirus through droplets. The virus could spread from anyone to anyone, regardless of symptoms or lack of them.

Why are masks important?

In this post, we’ll examine best practices and tips for living in our mask-wearing society. Although they can be inconvenient and uncomfortable at times, they’re a strong defense against spreading COVID-19. Let’s see how we can make the best of it.

Ideas for wearing a mask comfortably:

  1. What if my mask starts to … you know … stink?

    Let’s get this one taken care of right off the bat. Whether you’re an essential worker logging long days behind a mask, or the lockdown follower on a needed grocery run, it helps if what you’re breathing through smells pleasant. Try spraying the mask with an antibacterial laundry sanitizer. Find them through major online retailers and big-box stores.

    Also, pop a mint in your mouth before you wear it. You can always replace the mask after an extended period of wearing it. Be sure to not touch the outside of the mask when removing it, wash your hands after you remove it and before putting on the new disposable mask.

  2. How can make my kids more comfortable about wearing masks?

    Depending on age, your kids will have different concerns about wearing a mask - and about the world wearing them, too. The CDC recommends masks not be put on kids younger than 2. For most, letting them have a say in the color or design on their masks can go a long way to easing their anxiety about them. Encourage children to ask questions or share their fears with you, and share how hand washing, mask wearing, and social distancing can help keep people safe.

  3. What if my mask is uncomfortable because it’s too loose - or too tight?

    A loose-fitting mask is ineffective because it could allow particles to reach your mouth and nose through gaps. A tight-fitting mask is tough on your face because it’s uncomfortable - and might lead you to not wear it as often. 


    IF IT’S TOO LOOSE: Fold the mask in half, and tie a knot with the ear loops, as close to the fabric as possible. Open the mask. Tuck the mask in near the knot to close the side gaps.

    IF IT’S TOO TIGHT:  Tie an extra elastic piece or string between the ear loops. Tie the addition around the back of your head to relieve pressure on your ears. 


  4. My glasses keep fogging up! What can I do?

    Many solutions are out there, but only a few seem to have great track records. 

    First, wear your glasses on top of your mask, and fit the metal strip inside the mask to fit the bridge of your nose. Either pull your mask up just below your eyes, or wear your glasses further down on your nose. This should prevent some fogging from your breath as it escapes out the top of your mask. For further reinforcement, try medical-grade tape across the upper edge of your mask, below your eye. This will seal off the top of your mask without irritation to your skin.


Here’s to a more comfortable fit

We’ve survived almost all summer wearing masks, and it appears we’ll be wearing them into autumn, too. Finding your mask type, routine, and tips and tricks that work well for you will help make mask-wearing as bearable as possible.


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