About United Sewing Automation

Our Story

United Sewing Automation, Inc, USA, manufactures PPE face masks in the USA for health care providers, bus drivers, grocery store workers, public sector employees, and all front-line warriors.  In order to help protect those that are providing essential services for all of us, USA also manufactures the same quality PPE face masks for the general public who have the need to interact with these essential personnel.


Our Home - Mount Airy, NC

Our manufacturing facility is located on Andy Griffith Parkway in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Mount Airy, NC. Mount Airy was made famous by hometown hero Andy Griffith and was the basis for his wholesome family-oriented TV program set in Mayberry. Textiles and apparel were the cornerstone of manufacturing in Mount Airy for over 100 years. NAFTA dealt a devastating blow to this sector of Mount Airy’s manufacturing base resulting in thousands of lost jobs and the shuttering of many factories in the 1990’s.

Our History

The principals who own and operate USA have many years of experience in the textile and apparel industry and had the vision in 2017 to bring apparel manufacturing back to Mount Airy through automation. USA suffered a major setback on June 18, 2018 when their newly installed production equipment was lost to a fire in downtown Mount Airy before the first garment was produced. Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes USA secured another location and installed new high-tech Ultrasonic welding machines and automated production equipment that now turns out masks at an astonishing rate. USA’s automated machines will continue to manufacture masks around the clock until the demand is met. The goal of USA is to provide a mask for every face in the USA for every time one is needed. We are all in this together.


★ Thanks for supporting USA manufacturing. ★


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