Donations: One-for-One

If you wish to donate 50 masks to one of the organizations below, but you haven't decided on which one yet, just and a 50-pack will be added to the cart and delivered to an organization in need!

Organization Adult Masks Needed Youth Masks Needed

Donate Masks to Organizations

One-for-One Campaign:

Donating masks through United Sewing Automation is a great way to help ensure our community members are well protected with the best personal protective equipment. And with USA masks, your donation goes even further—because we match 100% of all donations! That’s right, for every mask you donate, USA will double the impact of your donation. Together, we can make sure everyone who needs high quality, American-made masks can have access to them. Check out our list of organizations receiving donations below. If you’re an organization in need of donations please apply to be included on the list.

Not seeing an organization that you'd like to donate too? Contact us today and we can arrange a special donation to the destination of your choice!

How to Donate Face Masks

To donate, simply click the "Order Now" button in the the organization you wish to donate masks too is in, and the address will automatically populate at checkout. For every mask, you donate, we will donate a mask to your selected organization.

Apply to Have your Organization on the Donation List:

If you would like to be part of the list of organizations accepting donations, submit the application here!


Donate Masks to Family and Friends

Wearing a mask is about protecting yourself and protecting those around you. Now, USA Masks offers another opportunity to protect your loved ones with mask donations. We can easily split your order from USA Masks into multiple shipments, and send masks to multiple destinations from a single order. It’s the simple way to ensure that those you care about have high quality, American-made masks that fit better, feel better, and offer the protection you can trust. 

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